Coachella as an event/cultural fashion happening has become one of the most important places to view beautiful young things in their natural environment. When I lived in LA, we ended up booking a vacation in Palm Springs during Coachella. It was several years back at a time when Coachella was only just becoming a “thing.” I was literally amazed at the lithe, beautiful young desert dwellers attending the concert. They were wearing amazing hippie-chic clothes, flowered crowns, tanned bellies and legs all out and about. These looks are now immediately associated with Coachella, and retailer windows are stocked with Coachella-ready cut off jean shorts and belly-baring tee’s. For those of us nearing 40, the truth is that we can’t seriously consider these looks. So, its my job to translate them into something comfortable and wearable– sleepwear! Our spring line (May market!) will have little crocheted details, fun little rompers, and colors that are inspired by desert sunsets. It’s a nod to the big Coachella trends, for those of us who can no longer bare our bellies.

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