Who would have thought that we would be in the middle of a global pandemic when we were designing our collections for Muk Luks holiday 2020? Who would have thought that we would be working and schooling almost exclusively from home? And who would have imagined that the what the world needed in this uncertain times would be…pajamas?! I would say that WE did! Pajamas are like comfort food for the body and spirit. They relax you, they comfort you- they make you feel safe. In crazy times, we need pajamas more than ever. So its with great joy that I announce that QVC will be featuring our Muk Luks Winter 2020 PJs on repeat throughout the next 2 months. Cozy styles that are good for your soul- that is how I see these pjs. To top it off, QVC is perhaps the most perfect and safe way to shop for holiday right now. Check out our collection of soul-warming, body relaxing, adorable PJS right now!