Part of selling sleepwear also involves being a connoisseur of pajamas and the entire look we put together when we lounge and sleep. Our team is forever talking about the styles we are loving, if they were comfortable all night, if the buttons bugged us in our sleep, and if the waistbands were too tight or just right. We all take our nighttime ensembles (i.e. Dream Lounge pjs) pretty seriously and are critiquing and test-driving our pajamas all the time. A key element of the nighttime “look” is hair. The perfect bedhead is an important part of completing the relaxed, comfy, cozy pajama aesthetic. Because my hair is pretty far from perfect, when I find a product I love, I tend to stick with it and share it with others. So I must share my secret to great bedhead. It’s Fructis Damage Eraser. I can’t explain how or why it works in this way, but it literally gives my hair bounce, shine and body- even after 2 nights of sleeping on my style. I am obsessed because it ensures that you wake up as adorably as you went to sleep. And who doesn’t want that?!

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