If Covid-19 has taught me anything, it’s that I may never slide myself into my Spanx faux-leather leggings again. They look good, but man they are tight and uncomfortable. Last winter (pre-Covid) I found myself forcing myself into these leggings at least once a week. They worked with flats and a long button down top for work. They likewise worked with a cozy sweater and a pair of style-y sneakers.  And while, to an innocent bystander, they might appear the perfect “go to” pant and while this bystander might likewise admire the lean line of my legs that these second-skin leggings created, only I can tell you the uncomfortable and unique ways my softer skin is pushed, pressed, and shifted to fit into said sleek legging.

After 4 months of being homebound, I am systematically rejecting all things fitted. I am relegating the leggings to a storage bin in the farthest reaches of my attic, and I am advocating for the loungewear that I have been loving and living in. One trend I am celebrating is that of the tie-dyed lougewear variety. I love the dressed down but still cheery look of a good dye job. I am celebrating everything jog pant, tie dyed, unrestricted and comfortable. Won’t you join me as we celebrate comfort but still look cute? Toss your Spanx, people.Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.48.24 PM