Today I am coming to you with a special report about the fabric that is effectively taking over the sleep/lounge world. We call it butter knit, but you may know it as hacci or luxe knit. This delicious blend of poly and span is stretchy, soft, slinky and truly luxurious.

The Dream Lounge is currently using Butter Knit and its sister “Dream Knit” (a drapey sueded knit) in many of its collections for 2020 and beyond. The true allure of these fabrics goes beyond their silky texture. Everything right now is about comfort and s-t-r-e-t-c-h. (Imagine a lounge pant that is completely forgiving, even after the “quarantine 15.” ) That’s really the benefit of these fabrics. Hand-feel is important, and today it is driving purchase intent among consumers. One key element of hand-feel is the addition of spandex (stretch) to a fabric blend.

Look for our Dream Knit and Butter Knit tags when shopping Dream Lounge brands to ensure you are getting that added stretch we all need right now.

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