Way back when I worked in advertising on the Tommy Hilfiger account, I had the opportunity to go to fashion week and see his show. Truth be told, all of my pre-teen years of pouring over Seventeen magazine led up to this moment. The Rolling Stones was pumping, and Naomi Campbell was stalking the runway, and I was all goosebumps and excitement. I couldn’t believe I was there, at the edge of the runway, at New York fashion week watching this superhuman woman in all of her attitudinal glory. She has her own spin on walking the runway that was even more expressive and exuberant the the other models. It was almost like a dance, hips swaying, hair swinging. Now a part of the fashion cycle, I understand the business of the runway, how its not just music and models and all of the insane and inane things that happen in the creation and production of these shows. So as an adult, they fascinate me even more from an intellectual perspective. I read the reviews obsessively, I read the buyers opinions of the shows, I read the New York Times blogs. All in an effort to glean an understanding of what the visionaries of American fashion are creating and sending down the runway. Last week being the end of fashion week, I am chock full of thoughts and inspirations and how, if at all they translate to sleepwear. One thing I think does 100% translate is the idea of separates. This is a huge story for spring 2014 on the runway, and it is totally sleepwear relevant. Our customers don’t so much want to be told how and what to wear- they want options. So they build their own wardrobe and put their unique spin on it. Separates are a large part of our Goodnight Kiss line, and I feel we are on or ahead of the curve here. Your own spin- that’s what its all about.