Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.59.56 PMPaula loves Kelly Ripa. I am not sure if its true love or just a crush, but this summer has been marked by Paula expressing what seems like more than a crush about our favorite daytime talk show host. When we dream at the Dream Lounge, we dream big, and discussions often turn to what we would want to do outside of our amazing jobs in sleepwear. Paula wants to be Kelly Ripa. I get it. She’s fit, adorable, almost 100% happy, and a working mom who serves as inspiration to all of the WOHM troops.  When we start thinking about sleepwear, its with people like her and us in mind. What do we want to wear when we are home? What looks and feels the best on us? Our new Cool Girl line is for the Kelly Ripas of the world. Women who love their Lulu Lemons and yoga wear and all of their inherent technology but want added comfort. All this is to say that when we start mailing our fab new Cool Girl line to celebs, she will be on the top of our list with a personal note (not at all stalk-y) from Paula.