What is this modern jogger that is on everyone’s must-have list for fall? Well here is some background:

For a long time I have bemoaned the death of the Juicy Couture velour track suit. It’s not so much that I loved it, just more that it filled the void in your closet for comfortable weekend wear. And while some people despised the combo, some people put on Uggs and really looked (or at least thought they looked) like the hottest thing going in 2006. And since this time, little to nothing has filled that velour tracksuit void. Until now. This season it is about the jogger and the snazzy sneaker. And it’s truly a lounge-y jogger, like this awesome one from Macy’s Alfani pictured here) that excites us in our sleepwear bubble because it just proves that sleep and lounge is taking over the world and offering something that really fits the way we crazy busy gals live and lounge today.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 1.04.53 PM