The Dream Lounge team makes fun of me all the time because I love a third piece. I am talking about that lounge-y, drape-y, open cardi that is easily thrown on over a tank or chemise and serves as the cozy top layer to any “around the house” lounge look. I have multiples of this cardigan. My very favorite is by Barefoot Dreams and it is sort of dip dyed in this really cool way. It doubles as the perfect wrap for the real world too- I take it on planes and totally wear it as a sportswear piece. The only problem with this perfect piece? It’s a hard sell to our stores and buyers. They don’t really need or want to add it to their racks, so we are often left with lots of showroom samples and no takers. I think my love of this third piece is about to redeemed as I spent much of today comp shopping and noticed this cardigan is super happening right now. Across lounge, across SW and across sleep. DKNY even did a giant lounge poncho. I am going to spend the next few days brainstorming how to make my favorite cozy cardi happen for us. Wish me luck!