What is the pajama print that continually kills it day in-day out/ season in- season out? In our world, it used to be the cardinal. And while that lovely red bird is still a holiday bestseller, his season of popularity is somewhat limited to the 6 weeks of crazed holiday shopping pre-Christmas. Last year, we saw woodland creatures take on added importance. The sweet little fox and deer as well as other cozy woodland creatures have exploded into onesies, cozy socks, and pull-overs. For 2016, we have heard tell of a new “must-have” creature- the llama! The jury is still out on this little fella (although he is making an appearance in some of our novelty pjs for next Christmas.) But what creature is our best best bestseller of all? It’s Mr. Owl. The unbeatable owl- you can’t keep this guy down. Holiday or not, the owl transcends age demographic, price point and season. Gotta love this nocturnal novelty. Below is our favorite 3 piece of the year- our purple owl. Want it now? Click here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 9.39.25 AM