I just finished reading Tales from the Back Row by Amy Odell. She used to be a blogger for The Cut, New York Magazine’s fashion blog and now she is a cosmo.com blogger. I am not sure I would recommend the book. It’s one of those that might be relevant to someone who knows literally nothing, nada, zilch about the fashion industry. I found it didn’t really offer me any new insights, other than the fact that I got a few giggles out of her account of trying to dress up for fashion week so that she got noticed by street style photographers.

Street style photography (especially during fashion weeks around the world) is like an industry in itself and some women (and men) dress in the most outrageous, seasonally inappropriate clothes to get noticed, photographed, and posted about in this alternate blogosphere universe. I, too, love to see what people are wearing to fashion week- especially during Paris fashion week. In many cases these outfits are so over the top and amazing that I can stare at them for great lengths of time and keep coming back to them over and over. These street trends really inform fashion as much as the runway trends these days. So it was with great joy that I saw a post about Day 7 of NY Fashion week. It featured a few NYFW street stylers wearing pajamas. I thought this trend had died (and it may very well have– and these girls were just so desperate and tired of dressing for the week that they pulled out their old pjs) but I love that pajamas keep popping up in the world of REAL fashion. It validates what we do– and everyone’s need to feel comfortable. (Even on Day 7 of Fashion Week.)

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