I used to be the ultimate celebrity spotter. I have what I call radar, and yes, it is a 6th sense about the impending presence of a celebrity that has won over many skeptics. I can spot a celebrity from at least a block off. It’s a skill. Recently I have questioned whether my radar was losing its power. I haven’t spotted a celebrity in many moons. (I chalk this up to the fact that I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and honestly, most celebrities, aside from the truly patrician or aged, live downtown or even in Brooklyn these days.) However, just now, on my street, I spotted an Olsen. I believe her to be Ashley. She probably just came from Soul Cycle, was sipping a green juice, and was looking very chic (and a little sweaty) in the perfect black NYC streetwear. I was taken by her fashion, her loungewear to be specific, because that is my job. She had on black stretch pants (not that interesting) but also a sort of drape-y and flow-y t-shirt quality poncho. This is a piece that I LOVE and would love to somehow incorporate into our lines. It’s tough, though, because buyers and consumers don’t always know what to do with this layering pieces. I am inspired, now, by this sighting. This sighting has reinforced that it’s all about loungewear. It really is.