Sometimes you need daily motivation to keep your mind in the zone of positive thinking, and this morning, on the crowded 6 train headed downtown, I found my motivation via my awesome “Collection” app on my iPad. Collection is an app that organizes and posts the fashion and style articles from the New York Times. It is such a terrific app because for some reason, I can never find these little fashion gems when I am perusing the hard copy of the NYT. Collection, or “C”, posts all of its articles in a lovely grid with great imagery and even some interactive videos. I am enamored. Today’s personally motivating article was about Diane Gilman who sells the heck out of her jeans line for middle aged women on HSN. The inspiration for me here is 2 fold: 1) It highlights how you always need to look for a niche and point of difference in business. 2) It calls out one woman’s success using alternative retail channels. Read the article here.