One of the best things about living in New York is the relative proximity to every major thing happening within its urban web. A good example of this notion is that I live literally 2 blocks away from the Met, it is but a skip and a hop away. My street literally dead ends onto its famed entry steps. And just last night, said steps were under the feet of the most fashionable, most famous, most beautiful, and most well dressed of Manhattanites. It was the annual Costume Institute Gala, and it was live-streaming on and happening at the end of my block (while I was watching my kids splash around in the tub.) Its hard not to be inspired by the fashionable personages in attendance, but even harder not to be inspired by the amazing fashion we see everyday on the streets of this amazing city. The Dream Lounge loves these looks in particular from last night’s red carpet.ImageImageImageImage